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From Jenkins' "Introduction": "This introduction is about how terrorism has changed over the years and how it hasn't. It suggests that some developments seen as jihadist innovations are, in fact, neither new nor unique. It discerns some disturbing long-term trends, but it also points out some of the limitations inherent in terrorism."


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Peake, Studies 55.1 (Mar. 2011) and Intelligencer 19.1 (Winter-Spring 2012), concludes that "if one wants to learn what is involved in this essential operational technique [of espionage tradecraft], this book is the place to start."


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According to Hudson, Telegraph (London), 1 Sep. 2009, the death of a "brother on a bombing mission changed" Cammaerts "pacifist and conscientious objector" outlook and after the fall of France he joined SOE. Cammaerts crossed to France in late March 1943 and by D-Day "his organisation was ready with 20,000 men, most of them fully armed." The author "allows Cammaerts's transcribed reminiscences to dominate the narrative, when the two could sometimes have been woven together. I'd like to have heard more about the sabotage Cammaerts facilitated. But this is a fascinating book about a remarkable man."


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The most interesting thing about the review by Peake, Studies 57.1 (Mar. 2013), is how hard he tries not to make fun of the author's work. After noting that Jenkins's "preference for 'Oliver Stone history' shines through," he concludes somewhat lamely that the book "is an interesting account of one author's point of view."


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