Kristian Gustafson


Gustafson, Kristian. Hostile Intent: U.S. Covert Operations in Chile, 1964-1974. Dulles, VA: Potomac, 2007.

Goulden, Washington Times, 24 Feb. 2008, and Intelligencer 16.1 (Spring 2008), welcomes this "dispassionate study" of a subject that still garners strong debate. The author "tells a far more complex story than anti-CIA zealots would have us believe.... [I]f one cares to look beyond polemics, here is a good starting point." For Feinberg, FA 87.3 (May-Jun. 2008), this is a "provocative contribution" that "makes good use of newly declassified U.S. government documents, fresh interviews, and Chilean accounts to reexamine the intent, efficacy, and impact of U.S. interventions in Chile."

Peake, AFIO WIN 30-08 (4 Aug. 2008), concludes that this work "makes a robust case that the conventional wisdom concerning the CIA and the Chilean coup must be significantly modified. While it is not likely to convince the true believer conspiracy theorist, its well reasoned firmly supported position is unlikely to be eroded by the historical sands of time."

To Robarge, Studies 52.3 (Sep. 2008), the author's is a "landmark contribution..., which must be considered the indispenable study in the large bibliography" dealing with the "seemingly intractable subject" of U.S.-Chilean relations and the legacy of the CIA intervention. Gustafson "takes on prevailing misconceptions and provides details that add meaning to familiar material." The reviewer points to "some minor errors of style and fact" (such as, a prose that occasionally "takes on a slightly turgid, dissertationesque quality"), but concludes that this "scholarly and dispassionate contribution to the literature" is something "to be valued."


Gustafson, Kristian C. "Reexamining the Record: CIA Machinations in Chile in 1970." Studies in Intelligence 47, no. 3 (2003): 35-49.

The focus here is "on CIA covert action during the six weeks following Allende's victory at the polls in mid-September 1970." Following Allende's election, "President Richard Nixon delivered a clear and forceful Directive calling for expanded CIA operations in Chile.  In the weeks between Allende's election and his inauguration planned for 3 November, the CIA actively sought to foment a coup in Chile.... [C]overt operations to encourage a regime change by indirect means ... continued for several more years."


Gustafson, Kristian. "Strategic Horizons: Futures Forecasting and the British Intelligence Community." Intelligence and National Security 25, no. 5 (Oct. 2010): 589-610.

From abstract: This article "deals with the role and benefit added by the use of horizon scanning in intelligence analysis in the UK.... [A] horizon scanning function in the JIO and the Cabinet Office should be made permanent."


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