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Christensen, Cryptologia 37.2 (2013), comments that the author's "viewing of the wartime years [at Bletchley Park] through the eyes of an organization behavior researcher provides a new and interesting perspective -- a focus on the organization and not the codebreaking." Peake, Studies 57.3 (Sep. 2013), and Intelligencer 20.2 (Fall-Winter 2013), suggests that "[f]or those not schooled in organizational theory, it may be useful to read the conclusions first. Here, Grey explains in greater detail the 'decoding BP' metaphor."


Grey, Christopher, and Andrew Sturdy. "The 1942 Reorganization of the Government Code and Cypher School." Cryptologia 32, no. 4 (Oct. 2008): 311-333.

The focus here is the reorganization of Bletchley Park (BP) in January 1942. This reorganization "marked a transition in the leadership of BP from Commander Alistair Denniston to Commander (later Sir) Edward Travis. It also ... marked a transition from a small, rather ad hoc, organization to a larger, more formalised and industrialised, organization."


Grey, Stephen. Ghost Plane: The True Story of the CIA Torture Program. New York: St. Martin's, 2006.

Thomas, Washington Post, 14 Nov. 2006, says that the author "interviewed spooks and diplomats and soldiers, as well as the victims of torture, all over the world. His writing style tends to fall into the 'It-was-a-dark-and-stormy-night' genre, and like most investigative reporters, he is a little too eager to dump out the entire contents of his notebook. But he is a prodigious digger and more than a single-minded muckraker." He "offers a reasoned analysis" of the pros and cons of "'coercive interrogation techniques' ... before ultimately concluding that the utility of the intelligence gained by torture is vastly outweighed by the harm done in the global battle for hearts and minds."

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Grey, Stephen, and John Goetz. "MI5 Poised to Seize East German Spies in Britain." Sunday Times (London), 26 Nov. 2000. []

Following an investigation into penetration of Whitehall, government research agencies, and the British armed forces by the East German state security service (Stasi), "MI5 has given government law officers the names of up to 10 suspected spies who could be prosecuted for passing on classified intelligence reports and, in some cases, military secrets to East Germany."


Grey, Stephen, and Don Van Natta. "Thirteen with the C.I.A. Sought by Italy in a Kidnapping." New York Times, 25 Jun. 2005. []

According to Italian prosecutors and investigators, an Italian judge in Milan "has ordered the arrest of 13 [CIA] officers and operatives." They are charged with seizing Egyptian cleric Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr (Abu Omar) in Milan in February 2003, and flying him to Egypt for questioning.

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