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Gertz, Bill. "Electronic Spying Reoriented at NSA." Washington Times, 27 Jan. 1992, A4.


Gertz, Bill. Enemies: How America's Foes Steal Our Vital Secrets -- and How We Let It Happen. New York: Crown, 2006.

It seems odd to Peake, Studies 51.2 (2007), that the author "treats cases in which [enemy] agents were caught or confessed -- presumed successes -- yet he argues that 'FBI is out of control' ([p.] 199) and American CI isn't doing anything right, largely because it takes too long to catch the culprits, a problem he blames on the lack of high-level attention. Like others before him, Gertz argues that more resources, better leadership, and proactive programs are needed."

Brooks, NIPQ 23.1 (Jan. 2007), notes that this book "deals with the rather consistent failures of U.S. counterintelligence." The author "points out the failures of the FBI to detect, their ineptitude in investigating, and their flawed prosecutions as evidence that the nation requires an MI-5 type professional counterintelligence service." West, IJI&C 20.4 (Winter 2007), finds that this work "is not so much a work of disclosure, but more a series of case histories." The author's "account of wholesale ineptitude and worse at the FBI's Hoover Building is written in racy journalese, and reads as if it had been downloaded off his newspaper's website."

For Goulden, Intelligencer 15.2 (Fall-Winter 2006-2007) and Washington Times, 12 Nov. 2006, "even someone who is reflexively friend[ly] towards intelligence and law enforcement agencies must feel appalled at Mr. Gertz's account of sweeping incompetence by the men and women who are paid good salaries to protect important secrets.... Not a pleasant read, to be sure, but a valuable one."

[CI/00s; FBI/00s/Gen]

Gertz, Bill. "Energy Official Blocked Spy Report." Washington Times National Weekly Edition, 19-25 Apr. 1999, 1, 22.

Notra Trulock, the Energy Department top intelligence official, and Elizabeth A. Moler, who was acting Energy Secretary in 1998, disagreed over whether the latter blocked the former's notification of HPSCI about the nuclear spying case at Los Alamos National Laboratory.


Gertz, Bill. "Engineer Indicted on Spying." Washington Times, 12 Dec. 2007. []

According to a federal indictment, former U.S. defense contractor Noshir S. Gowadia "spent more than two years working with China's military to design and test a radar-evading component for a new Chinese cruise missile as part of an espionage conspiracy." The indictment states that Gowadia "worked closely with a Chinese government agent and missile technicians to illegally supply the stealth-missile technology during six visits to China between 2003 and 2005."


Gertz, Bill. "Ex-CIA Official Pleads Guilty." Washington Times, 4 Mar. 1997, A3.


Gertz, Bill. "Ex-DIA Analyst Admits Passing Secrets to China." Washington Times, 23 Jun. 2006. []

Former DIA analyst Ronald N. Montaperto "has pleaded guilty to illegally holding classified documents and admitted in a plea agreement to passing 'top secret' information to Chinese intelligence officials.... The guilty plea was part of an agreement reached [on 21 June 2006] in U.S. District Court in Alexandria.... A Pentagon official said Montaperto's value to China included both the secrets he shared and his role facilitating Chinese deception of U.S. intelligence by providing feedback on how those efforts were working."


Gertz, Bill. "Ex-Mossad Spy Says He Directed Pollard." Washington Times, 22 Jun. 1997, A1, A7.


Gertz, Bill. "Ex-Official Reports Counterintelligence Is Weak." Washington Times, 30 Sep. 2008. []

In a report made public on 29 September 2008, former National Counterintelligence Executive (NCIX) Michelle Van Cleave said that "U.S. government efforts to counter foreign spies remains fragmented and weak.... [T]he FBI, CIA and other federal counterspy units lack both a needed focus and strategy for thwarting the growing foreign intelligence threat."

Written for "the private Project on National Security Reform, a nonprofit and nonpartisan group," the report notes that while "the FBI is skilled at enforcing counterespionage and related laws," it is not 'organized, trained or equipped to collect or analyze intelligence on the extensive foreign intelligence presence in the United States beyond those personnel here under official or journalistic cover, or to develop or execute offensive operations to mislead, deny or otherwise exploit foreign intelligence activities against the United States.'"

[CI/00s; FBI/00s/08]

Gertz, Bill. "Ex-Spy Hunter Drops Intelligence Post Bid." Washington Times, 31 Mar. 2006. []

Former CIA counterintelligence officer Paul Redmond "has withdrawn from consideration to become" national counterintelligence executive (NCIX). The post and the deputy position in NCIX "remain vacant following the resignations of Michelle Van Cleave in January and Ken deGraffenreid a month earlier. The office was recently placed under DNI John D. Negroponte as part of intelligence reform efforts, setting off a dispute over the role of counterintelligence."


Gertz, Bill. "Foreign Spy Activity Surges to Fill Technology Gap." Washington Times, 3 Jan. 2007. []

An annual report by the Defense Security Service's counterintelligence office, "Technology Collection Trends in the U.S. Defense Industry," asserts that "foreign spies are stepping up efforts to obtain secret U.S. technology through methods ranging from sexual entrapment to Internet hacking, with China and other Asian countries leading the targeting of U.S. defense contractors." The report noted that "the use of third countries to disguise collection will continue as a common tactic."

[CI/07; PostCW/00s/07]

Gertz, Bill. "Foreign Spies Eye U.S. Economic, Trade Data." Washington Times National Weekly Edition, 24 Aug. 1997, 28.

A report by the National Counterintelligence Center says "[f]oreign spies and corporate agents from 23 nations are trying to acquire U.S. trade and economic secrets, including both traditional U.S. foes and allies.... [O]f those ... countries, 12 are assessed to be most actively targeting U.S. proprietary economic information and critical technologies."


Gertz, Bill. "Former CIA Officer Charged with Spying." Washington Times, 4 Apr. 1998, A1, A5.


Gertz, Bill. "4 Arrests in China Spy Cases." Washington Times, 12 Feb. 2008. []

According to senior U.S. officials, arrests in "two separate spy cases highlight the national security threat posed by Beijing's aggressive intelligence gathering of secrets and technology.... The arrests were carried out in Virginia, Louisiana and Southern California, and the secrets compromised include military communications technology, arms sales and corporate trade secrets related to the space shuttle, according to court papers." See also, Neil A. Lewis, "Justice Dept. Announces Arrests in 2 Chinese Espionage Cases." New York Times, 12 Feb. 2008.


Gertz, Bill. "Friends, Foes Said to Employ Business Spies." Washington Times, 30 Apr. 1992, A3.


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