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Gertz, Bill, and Nancy E. Roman. "CIA Chief Orders Study of Damage Done by Chinese Spies." Washington Times National Weekly Edition, 22-28 Mar. 1999, 18.

Adm. David E. Jeremiah has been appointed to head an independent review panel to study the damage done by Chinese nuclear espionage.


Gertz, Bill, and Rowan Scarborough. "Inside the Ring: CIA Fooled." WorldNetDaily, 21 Jan. 2000. []

The writers quote "intelligence sources" for the view that the Russian with whom Cheri Leberknight was supposed to meet on 30 November 1999 "was a KGB 'provocation'.'"


Gertz, Bill, and Rowan Scarborough. "Inside the Ring: Negroponte's Home." Washington Times, 15 Jul. 2005. []

DNI John D. Negroponte will move his headquarters to Bolling Air Force Base "once the two top floors in the Defense Intelligence Analysis Center are readied. The move to Bolling ... is viewed as semi-permanent. The DNI likely will stay there three to five years while a permanent facility is built.... Negroponte now works at the New Executive Office Building near the White House."


Gertz, Bill, and Rowan Scarborough. "Inside the Ring: Spy News." Washington Times, 27 Aug. 1999.

According to a report to Congress by DCI George Tenet, the Department of Energy (DOE) has "developed a new system used by American spies around the world to communicate back to headquarters. The prototype system is a mobile, wireless, Intranet protocol-based computer communications network 'that incorporates low probability of detection/low probability of intercept characteristics.'" DOE also helped the U.S. Secret Service by "developing a prototype system used to tag and track vehicles. The chemical tag is sprayed onto target cars or trucks and can be tracked with special lights."


According to a report to Congress by DCI George Tenet, "[t]he Pentagon has upgraded its Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System hardware and video teleconferencing capabilities." The DIA "also upgraded its HUMINT Operational Control Network that is part of [its] Defense Attache Worldwide Network, or DAWN, used to help military spies share information."


According to a report to Congress by DCI George Tenet, "the CIA has ended publication of its premier top-secret report, the National Intelligence Daily. The NID has been replaced by the Senior Executives Intelligence Brief 'as the daily vehicle to inform policy-makers.' The move was part of 'procedures to more carefully control copies of the SEIB and protect it from accidental or intentional disclosure.'"



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