André Gerolymatos


Gerolymatos, André. Castles Made of Sand: A Century of Anglo-American Espionage and Intervention in the Middle East. New York: St. Martin's Press, 2010.

Peake, Studies 56.2 (Jun. 2012), finds this work "chronologically disjointed." The author "never makes clear the reason for this confusing chronology and doesn't establish a smooth flow of events or ideas." Castles Made of Sand is "badly in need of a summary chapter," and is [o]verall, a disappointing contribution."


Gerolymatos, André. Espionage and Treason: A Study of the Proxenia in Political and Military Intelligence Gathering in Ancient Greece. Amsterdam: J.C. Gieben, 1986.

According to Sheldon, I&NS 3.1, this work concerns "the use of the proxenia by the Greeks as a medium for clandestine activity.... [L]ocal citizens serving as proxenoi looked after the interests of other states in their own communities. The proxenos had to be a citizen of the state in which he served, not of the state he represented." The author "explains how these men became a conduit for information and clandestine activities in the course of their normal duties."

Sheldon also identifies some difficulties: "The text is repetitive and plagued by numerous typographical errors, not to mention errors of fact." Beyond these problems, however, "Gerolymatos' efforts to include modern intelligence concepts should be applauded."


Gerolymatos, André. Guerrilla Warfare and Espionage in Greece, 1940-1944. New York: Pella, 1992. [pb]

The reviewer in Journal of Modern Greek Studies 14.2 (Oct. 1996), finds that this "book provides what is probably the most detailed account" of covert operations and espionage in the Greek resistance "to be found anywhere, and certainly in English..... It would probably be fair to say that one major purpose of this book is to blame the British for not being properly able to control [the outbreak of civil war in Athens in December 1944] or even to understand the forces that they themselves had unleashed."


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