Robin Gedye


Gedye, Robin. "Piecing Together Secrets of the Stasi." Telegraph (London), 1 Jul. 1996. []

"Tucked away in a Nuremberg suburb a group of workers, armed with adhesive tape and endless patience, have embarked on the world's largest jig-saw puzzle in a unique experiment to reconstruct shredded East German police files.... Since February last year, they have reconstructed 170,000 sheets of A4 paper taken from just 60 sacks, a rate of 82 working days per sack per worker. At this pace it would take nearly 400 years to complete the job."


Gedye, Robin. "Spy Chief Resigns over Secrets Sale." Telegraph (London), 1 Mar. 1996. []

BND head Konrad Porzner resigned on 30 April 1996 "in protest at Chancellor Kohl's refusal to sack two senior officers over investigations into the sale of information to British and other foreign intelligence services." See also Rick Atkinson, "German Spy Chief Quits in Dispute over Scandal: Case Involved Sale of Russian Secrets to U.S," Washington Post, 1 Mar. 1996, A20.


Gedye, Robin. "Spymaster Wins Appeal against Treason Sentence." Telegraph (London), 19 Oct. 1995. []

On 18 October 1995, the German federal appeals court "overturned the conviction of Markus Wolf ... on treason and bribery charges and ordered a retrial.... The court based its decision on a Constitutional Court ruling in May which decreed that East German spies could not be convicted on charges connected with work they carried out while on Soviet bloc territory."


Gedye, Robin, and Christopher Lockwood. "Magazine Names Diplomat as MI6 Spy Who Paid for Russian Secrets." Telegraph (London), 30 Jan. 1996. []

"Rosemary Sharpe,... until recently the first secretary at the British embassy in Berlin," was named by the German magazine Der Spiegel on 29 January 1996 "as the MI6 operative who bought information from German intelligence officials now under investigation on corruption-related charges.... It is understood that Miss Sharpe became involved in the 'left-overs' of a deal under which German intelligence set up a unit in 1991 to purchase sensitive Soviet military equipment from the departing army. Three of the members of the unit are alleged to have established a rogue operation in which they sold on material to American and British secret services. Everything from tanks to documents were spirited out of the barracks of the departing Soviet army in return for cash. It is stressed that none of the material related to nuclear weapons."

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