Trevor N. Dupuy


Dupuy, Trevor N. "Pearl Harbor: Who Blundered." American Heritage 13 (Feb. 1962): 65-80.

According to Sexton, this "somewhat polemical examination of the decisions and actions of key American political and military leaders ... attributes the Pearl Harbor disaster to a failure of leadership on General Marshall's part."


Dupuy, Trevor N., David L. Bongard, and Richard C. Anderson, Jr. Hitler's Last Gamble: The Battle of the Bulge, December 1944-January 1945. New York: Harper Collins, 1994.

From publisher: "Drawn from research conducted by a team of military experts under the direction of historian Trevor Dupuy, this book is the most complete and detailed account of the Battle of the Bulge ever written, covering all aspects of the campaign on both sides." Taylor, Booklist (via, finds that "Dupuy and his co-writers unfold minute-by-minute the German units' progress, loss of impetus, and repulse. The prodigious amount of detail does yield some revisions -- that fighting around St. Vith, rather than Bastogne (famed for the 'Nuts!' retort to a German surrender demand), turned the tide in favor of the Americans."


Dupuy, Trevor N., editor-in-chief. International Military and Defense Encyclopedia. 6 vols. Washington, DC: Brassey's, 1993.

Brown, IJI&C 6.3, calls this work "truly marvelous in terms of scope, breadth, and depth"; it is "highly readable" and its "editing is decidedly uniform." For Cohen, FA 73.2 (Mar.-Apr. 1994), this is a "mammoth -- and too expensive -- work." Its "great strength ... is its clear exposition of technical issues.... Yet too much space goes to articles of general political or historical interest that are covered in non-specialized encyclopedias.... Still, the breadth and lucidity of the technical articles carry these handsomely printed volumes along, making the encyclopedia an outstanding resource for students of military affairs."


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