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Two U.S. Defense Department papers, published at the 1997 and 1998 Text Retrieval Conference (TREC), show that the U.S. government has built a working prototype of softwar, called "Semantic Forests," "that analyses voice transcripts and other documents in order to allow intelligent searching for specific topics. The software could be used to analyse computer-transcribed telephone conversations."


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The U.S. National Security Agency was granted a patent on 10 August 1999 for "a system of automatic topic spotting and labelling of data. The patent officially confirms for the first time that the NSA has been working on ways of automatically analysing human speech. The NSA's invention is intended automatically to sift through human speech transcripts in any language. The patent document specifically mentions 'machine-transcribed speech' as a potential source."


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The author discusses the CIA's National Resources Division, the use of nonofficial cover, Diversified Cover Officers, and collection of economic intelligence with the cooperation of U.S. businesses. The conclusion: "[T]he risks outweigh the benefits." Beyond the threat that such activities raise for American businesspeople overseas, "it is difficult to make the case that matters relating to economic competitiveness are serious enough to national security that they justify illegal, clandestine methods."

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