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Dilanian, Ken. "CIA's Anti-Terrorism Effort Called 'Colossal Flop.'" Los Angeles Times, 8 Dec. 2013. []

According to current and former U.S. officials, "CIA officers given 'non-official cover,' often posing as business executives, tried to collect intelligence on terrorists. The NOC program reportedly has had few successes.... Along with other parts of the CIA, the budget of the so-called Global Deployment Initiative, which covers the NOC program, is now being cut."

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Dilanian, Ken. "CIA Manager Who Had Been Removed From His Job Is Back." Associated Press, 28 Apr. 2015. []

Jonathan Bank, "removed from his job last year for abusive management," has been named "deputy chief for counterintelligence at the Counter Terrorism Center" (CTC).

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Dilanian, Ken. "CIA Suspends Chief of Iran Operations over Workplace Issues." Los Angeles Times, 16 Mar. 2014. []

According to current and former officials, Jonathan Bank, the CIA's chief of Iran operations, "was placed on paid administrative leave and sent home from agency headquarters after an internal investigation found he had created an abusive and hostile work environment that put a crucial division in disarray."

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Dilanian, Ken. "Obama to Create New Agency to Coordinate Intelligence about Cyberthreats.'" Associated Press, 10 Feb. 2015. []

Lisa Monaco, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, announced in a speech at the Wilson Center in Washington on 9 February 2015 that the White House will establish the Cyber Threats Intelligence Integration Center to coordinate cyberthreat intelligence. Currently, "[g]overnment expertise in analyzing the various cyberthreats resides in a number of agencies, including the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command."


Dilanian, Ken. "Rare US Success in Syria, Iraq: Finding Senior Militants.'" Associated Press, 28 Sep. 2015. []

According to U.S. officials, a manhunt by the CIA, NSA, and JSOC "has been methodically finding and killing senior militants in Syria and Iraq.... In an effort that ramped up over the last year, intelligence analysts and special operators have harnessed an array of satellites, sensors, drones and other technology to track and kill elusive militants across a vast, rugged area of Syria and Iraq."

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Dilanian, Ken. "U.S. Intelligence Offical Acknowledges Missed Arab Spring Signs." Los Angeles Times, 19 Jul. 2012. []

According to DIA Deputy Director David Shedd, "U.S. intelligence agencies missed evidence of the unrest across the Middle East and North Africa that exploded into popular uprisings last year during the so-called Arab Spring and are now trying to improve early warning systems."


Dilanian, Ken. "U.S. Put New Restrictions on CIA Drone Strikes in Pakistan." Los Angeles Times, 7 Nov. 2011. []

"The White House over the summer put new restrictions on CIA drone strikes in the wake of concerns that the program was primarily targeting lower-level militants while provoking anger in Pakistan, U.S. officials said.... Under the new rules,... the State Department, which has been concerned about the anger the strikes have aroused in Pakistan, has more input on each attack. And the U.S. has promised to inform Pakistan if a strike will target a particularly large group of militants."

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