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From the 1820s to Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt.


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With regard to the 1991 paperback edition, Surveillant 1.1 calls this an "encyclopedic history of British intelligence." To Constantinides, this work is too often wrong, selective in material, and spotty in reliability.


Deacon, Richard [Donald McCormick]. A History of the Russian Secret Service. New York: Taplinger, 1972. London: Muller, 1972.

Rocca and Dziak call this a "highly selective, anecdotal survey ... from the Oprichnina ... to the KGB. Actually not a 'history,' this ... book ... relies largely on secondary materials, on unaccredited 'insider' information, and on the Soviet and Western press." The GRU receives no attention.


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Deacon, Richard [Donald McCormick].

1. Kempai Tai: A History of the Japanese Secret Service. London: Muller, 1982. New York: Beaufort, 1983.

See below for revised and updated edition.

2. Kempai Tai: The Japanese Secret Service, Then and Now. Tokyo: Charles Tuttle, 1990.

Surveillant 1.2 notes that this is the revised and updated edition. Deacon sees Japanese intelligence as a "giant organization that efficiently sucks in staggering amounts of information." For Oros, IJI&C 15.1, Deacon's work "provides good background material on the variety of Japanese intelligence activities through World War II, but falters badly in examining the postwar period."


Deacon, Richard [Donald McCormick]. The Silent War: A History of Western Naval Intelligence. Newton Abbot, UK: David & Charles, 1978. New York: Hippocrene Books, 1978.

Sexton notes that The Silent War is a "[s]urvey history of the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the British Naval Intelligence Division (NID) from their inception[s] to the 1980s." To Constantinides, the book is "[e]asy to read," but "must be approached with caution because it is a mixture of good sections ... and weak ones, with debatable and (at times) sweeping conclusions." The World War I and World War II sections are the strongest parts of the book; earlier and later coverage is weak.

[MI/Navy/Overviews; MI/Overviews; UK/Overviews/Gen/MI]

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